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      BlogPaws Influencer Paid Opportunities: FAQs

      Note: Some of this information may change in the near future, but as of this writing, here are some of the frequently asked questions about participating in the BlogPaws Influencer paid opportunities:

      Am I signed up to receive paid campaigns?

      Remember when you signed up to be a member of the BlogPaws Community? (http://community.blogpaws.com) We take email addresses for those interested in campaigns from our community database and import them into MailChimp.  If you answered a question about being interested in campaigns, and you are not a brand or a brand rep, then you email was added to the list for call outs. If you did not answer this question when you joined the community, and you have never seen a campaign email. Please email blogpawsteam@blogpaws.com and request to be added. We will need your blog URL so we can verify that you are eligible.
      Why don’t I get picked for paid campaigns?
      While we can’t answer this specifically because it’s the brands we work with who pick the final group of bloggers, we can give you a few things to think about:
      •    Are you actively growing your reach? While it is not always a numbers game, numbers do matter. If a brand loves two blogs and one has a social reach of 10,000 and one has a social reach of 1,000, then the larger one usually gets the lead.
      •    How do you answer the question about how your blog will benefit the campaign? Brands are looking for the best fit. They want to work with influencers who get them. If you have a story or circumstance that sets you apart from the crowd, be sure you share it.
      •    Does your blog look professional? Do all the links in your navigation bar work? Is your ‘About Me’ page up to date? A brand deciding they want to be on your blog means they are choosing to endorse it. The same way a brand would choose the right print material to put an ad in, they are looking at your blog to make sure their brand fits with your overall style.
      •    Are you reliable? We all know “schtuff” happens, but are you on top of it and do you communicate questions/concerns well? Brands often ask us who is the most reliable with not only their content, but their images, and their attention to detail. No brand likes to see a post go up with their brand name spelled wrong or with really bad grammar. And we can’t really go to bat for you if you flaked out on the last campaign and didn’t follow instructions or post on time. It may be an online relationship, but it is a relationship and it does matter.
      I’m a Community member and signed up before paid campaigns, what do I do?
      Send an email to blogpawsteam@blogpaws.com and include your blog and social channel links. We’ll verify you are eligible and add you to the campaign call outs if you are.
      How can I verify you have my right email address?
      Email blogpawsteam@blogpaws.com for now. Soon our process will be changing to be easier for everyone, but at the moment, we’ll have to check for you.
      I am an influencer, does that mean I get paid opportunities?
      You only get our call out emails, which include paid opportunities, if you are on our email list. If you are not sure please email blogpawsteam@blogpaws.com and include your blog or social channel that makes you an influencer and we’ll verify your eligibility.

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      Thanks Carol! Very helpful info!

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