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    Hello! My labradoodle Ollington has recently launched It’s a blog written for dogs by dogs and covers various topics about dog life. I am helping him out on the back end of things. We would love to collaborate with other dog bloggers. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you!

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    • Hi Heidi, Your blog looks great! Congratulations! Are you using your own pictures? Just curious as I will be launching my own blog for cats. Looking forward to following your blog. Yep, even us cat people can learn from dog people 😉

      • Thanks Linda! Let me know when you blog launches! I use stock photos for now. There are some free sites (like pixabay) but I use It’s 1.00 per download. Hopefully as time goes on, I will start using my own!

        • Thanks, I like the pics you chose. They work well with your blog. Did you set up your blog or did you get a professional to create it? I’ve been working on my own with different themes on WordPress, but I’ve been having technical issues with uploading photos and videos…I may have to resort to a professional. Definitely, once my blog is ready I…[Read more]

    • this is cool… love the idea! I would be open to collaborating my blog tries to focus on understanding our dog’s point of view and I this we can mesh well. Let’s connect if interested 🙂

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