• Alexandre wrote on Allen's Wall 1 year, 8 months ago

    @allen Hello Allen, nice to meet you, hope you have a very nice day!

    • Thank you! Got a nice snow last night so going to write and enjoy the view- hope you do too!

      • Snow is coming in today around noon, I’m near Montreal in Quebec. Actually, looking outside, it’s just starting. Just hope power stays on, I have some drawings to finish for a new toy!

        • The storm passed us last night- didn’t hit us nearly as bad as they said. I’m west of Washington D.C.. We got maybe 2″. I’m working on a dog article then a product review. I understand the brunt of the storm went west missing us and New York City. I am a bit of a weather-freak too so I enjoy watching the storms and so on-

          • It’s like that with the meteo, prepare for the worst and get little. But I have to be honest, I’ve never seen some much snow in our area. Worst here is when we get freezing rain, a few weeks ago, we could go ice skating on the roads. BTW, if you like products review, maybe you would be interested in looking at what we create. Not sure if you know aikiou “IQ” products.

            • We have had a very warm winter this year. Only about 2″ of snow and a few ice storms. Little concerning as usually the cold kills of bad insects and the like, but it didn’t get consistently cold enough. Is this your website: https://aikiou.com/ I’m a little slow in producing a Product Reviews, right now the next availability for space will be June 2017 unless time allows sooner.

            • So did you get much snow from the last storm? How is your project going?