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    Good morning! Do you have any blogging goals you're working on this weekend?

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    Therapy teams needed in Anderson County, Texas.

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    I am looking to do link exchanges with as many blogs as possible. If you would like to be added to, please contact me either here or email me [email protected]

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    @hi1 Hello, Jill. I am looking forward to meeting you & attending your SEO for Advance Blogger session. I think I'm currently doing pretty good with SEO on my wp site, but I haven't been good about making sure, for instance, that my keyword is in my image titles or having captions for some of my images.

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    Hello, everyone! Please visit and 'like' my Facebook page where I publish the majority of my articles. The link is I appreciate your support!

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    Bed time for me in Switzerland... Night night BlogPawsers, see you later !

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    @sandykubillus Sandy, Thanks for accepting my friendship request.

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    Have you read the most recent installment of the Influencer Marketing Series? This is an important topic for all Bloggers and Social Media Influencers whether you are "just" doing reviews once in a while or are a full time blogger

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    Message to all friends. our friend and colleague @brian3 Brian frum lost all his friends when he had to re-register for the SLC site. If you were a friend before please follow him again. I will report this in a couple of days.

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    I've just published a new post about a book I highly recommend hope you enjoy it!

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    This new format is awesome! It's much more user-friendly!

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    @maggie3 Ok, I have to say I love those hats on your dogs in the photos- are they made for dogs or are they human hats?!?!?!?

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    Just wrote out my BlogPaws 2017 packing list!!!! It's getting real, y'all! 😀

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    @socialdognetwork Just followed you on IG! I'm not too far away, in Massachusetts.


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