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    Happy Friday! What are you currently working on? What could you use some extra guidance on? Reach out and let us know!

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    Happy Wednesday!

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    Just wrote out my BlogPaws 2017 packing list!!!! It's getting real, y'all! 😀

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    I have a $99 Blogpaws ticket available if anyone is interested. Sadly, I can't go this year after all.

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    I've just published a new post about a book I highly recommend hope you enjoy it!

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    @allen Hello Allen, nice to meet you, hope you have a very nice day!

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    Have you read the most recent installment of the Influencer Marketing Series? This is an important topic for all Bloggers and Social Media Influencers whether you are "just" doing reviews once in a while or are a full time blogger

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    Message to all friends. our friend and colleague @brian3 Brian frum lost all his friends when he had to re-register for the SLC site. If you were a friend before please follow him again. I will report this in a couple of days.

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    I also have product samples for for anyone that needs help cleaning up pet hair, litter, food, etc. Let me know if you'd like one.

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    @evtk68 Hi, Elizabeth! I've seen a few bloggers sharing their own swag (buttons, stickers) that they are bringing to the conference to share with other bloggers. Is this part of the fun and something I should be planning for, or is this more of an exception? Would love your advice! Thanks so much, and I look forward to meeting you next week!

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    Any one else having a hard time connecting to SLC from their phone. On my laptop, I can get in without issues.

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    @newmediaagency So nice to meet you!


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