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    I am now a fully qualified level 3 Reiki Master! I specialise in reiki for animals so let me know if your pets need some energy work 🙂

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    @evtk68 Hi Elizabeth! For some reason, I am not getting the attendee newsletters. Checked spam, junk, you name it, no emails! Kerry from Noirkittymews has been kind enough to forward them to me. But the only thing I'm wondering about is the uber code, as that would be unique. Is there any way of getting the uber code, or even better, to subscribe me to the newsletter so that I don't miss out? Thanks in advance!

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    Message to all friends. our friend and colleague @brian3 Brian frum lost all his friends when he had to re-register for the SLC site. If you were a friend before please follow him again. I will report this in a couple of days.

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    Good morning! Do you have any blogging goals you're working on this weekend?

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    Noah is surprised to learn some humans do not know about dog and cat rescues -

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    @bones-marvin Hello! July I am doing a cat extravaganza all month wth interviews with Lil Bub, Nala Cat, and Oskar the Blind Cat. In addition I would like to feature blog articles from the best cat writers like you! I would like to have it by June 15th, July 1st at the latest. Would you like to participate?

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    Hello, everyone! Please visit and 'like' my Facebook page where I publish the majority of my articles. The link is I appreciate your support!

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    Just having an look around this new SLC community. Looks great!

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    I think I'm going to like the new SLC once I get used to the changes.

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    @rescuedogs101 I hope your blog is growing and doing well. My main business is making Pet I.D. Tags for animal rescue groups. If you need any I.D. Tags, let me know. I want to be able to get MORE I.D. Tags on MORE Pets because I know they save lives. I have a FREE PET TAG Offer (There is a $2.95 tax, but the tag/shipping is FREE). Any feedback is welcome. Thank you and good luck. Sincerely, J.D.

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