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    @hi1 Hello, Jill. I am looking forward to meeting you & attending your SEO for Advance Blogger session. I think I'm currently doing pretty good with SEO on my wp site, but I haven't been good about making sure, for instance, that my keyword is in my image titles or having captions for some of my images.

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    Hi All, just wanted to share with you my latest blog post, hope you enjoy it...

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    Hi there, I'm unsure how much group sharing is available on this community. I'm posting a PSA article about Rover after negligent petcare was provided to our dog that nearly caused her leg to be amputated. Please share, thank you!

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    Therapy teams needed in Anderson County, Texas.

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    I am looking to do link exchanges with as many blogs as possible. If you would like to be added to, please contact me either here or email me

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    Mad Kitty Co is going through a bit of a facelift - but we'll be back very soon... : )

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