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    Hi everyone It is been a long while, I lost my password, and for some odd reason I wasn't able to get my password resetted. So I think i've been away for over a year. At the moment I'm trying to make my girl Emmy popular as we are in a contest. Unfortunatly it is only for people from the Netherlands to go vote, but I'm doing my best to make her popular, and make the purebred dog a bit more popular So if anyone is interested check my blog And if you are from the Netherlands don't forget to vote for Emmy

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    Happy Friday! What are you currently working on? What could you use some extra guidance on? Reach out and let us know!

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    posted a photo

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    Hi there, I'm unsure how much group sharing is available on this community. I'm posting a PSA article about Rover after negligent petcare was provided to our dog that nearly caused her leg to be amputated. Please share, thank you!

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    Therapy teams needed in Anderson County, Texas.

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