• Rachel wrote on Yasaar's Wall 2 years, 6 months ago

    @yas Hey cat blogger! I usually blog about my dogs, but I just started writing about my cats on Saturdays (Caturday!). Keeping them busy is a challenge, I’m always looking for more ways to make the indoors more exciting.

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    • Hi Rachel, thanks for the add. That’s nice you have a bi-petual household 🙂 Actually I have just posted about how to keep your kitties happy with a Kitty Salad Bar. http://www.chirpycats.com/preparing-your-kitty-salad-bar/ There is a fun Caturday Art blog hop that might interested you if you post on Caturday 🙂

      • Oh a Kitty Salad Bar sounds interesting! Mine are unapologetic devourers of houseplants, I’ve always been afraid to get them more than one or two at a time. They inevitably mow down the whole plant in a couple of hours and I have no idea how many they’d eat before they stopped on their own.