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  • Aimee wrote on Susan's Wall 3 years ago

    @scdaffron Welcome to the new BlogPaws SLC. Please let me know if you have any questions.

  • @info140 Hi Amelia…thanks for connecting! I have to ask…is that a Samoyed or an Eskie in your profile pic?
    My photo include Fiona, who is a sam 😉

  • @scdaffron Very nice! Nope I have not done any conferences or blogging events. I am just getting back out this summer. I’ve been off the speaking circuit for a  while as a result and even have not done any media in a couple of years now. Eesh…

  • @guerreroink2006 No, I didn’t go last year, but I was invited to speak on a book publishing panel, so I’ll be there. Let me know what happens with you. I’ve talked to others who have said it’s great.
    Most of my family lives out east, so I’m actually turning the trip into a mini-vacation after the conference. I’m really looking forward to it 😉

  • @scdaffron 🙂 Not sure yet just getting back out into the public eye again this summer. I just cancelled an event and am glad I didn’t agree to speak. Still working on the recovery. I’ll definitely keep it in mind. Did you go last year? If so, I’d be interested in knowing what you thought.

  • @guerreroink2006 Hey how cool to see you here!! Are you going to BlogPaws in August? It would be great to actually meet you 😉

  • @scdaffron I see you! I’ll be traveling and off the grid for your event but it looks great.

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