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    @socialdognetwork Just followed you on IG! I'm not too far away, in Massachusetts.

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    @twolittlecavaliers How do I friend someone? Help?

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    Thank you for the recent friend request Blog Paws members! Happy Friday.

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    Good morning! Do you have any blogging goals you're working on this weekend?

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    Fully realizing that this idea is far too easy and logical and therefore unlikely to ever work for any cause; imagine the benefit to any and all worthy organizations reliant on the charity of people if, each month, EVERY ONE OF US (and here I mean the national population) donated ONE DOLLAR to a charitable group. Imagine, for instance, the ASPCA suddenly receiving a collective donation of several million dollars; then the following month a local no kill animal shelter receiving the same amount. It wouldn't take long before all of us had contributed to the work and future operations of these worthy causes. What do you think?

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    @newmediaagency So nice to meet you!

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    @bones-marvin Hello! July I am doing a cat extravaganza all month wth interviews with Lil Bub, Nala Cat, and Oskar the Blind Cat. In addition I would like to feature blog articles from the best cat writers like you! I would like to have it by June 15th, July 1st at the latest. Would you like to participate?

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    @stayathomecatmom Hi Alicia, Thanks so much for the friendship request. Look forward to "getting to know you." Cheers, Hindy


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