• Yasaar wrote on Elizabeth's Wall 3 years, 2 months ago

    @evtk68 Hi Elizabeth! For some reason, I am not getting the attendee newsletters. Checked spam, junk, you name it, no emails! Kerry from Noirkittymews has been kind enough to forward them to me. But the only thing I’m wondering about is the uber code, as that would be unique. Is there any way of getting the uber code, or even better, to subscribe me to the newsletter so that I don’t miss out? Thanks in advance!

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    • Uh oh, not sure what’s happening, Yassar. What email address did you use to register for the conference? Are you a network member? Are they the same address?

      @fidoseofreality, do you have the mailing list (only assuming so since you do the newsletter)? If so, will you check to see if the email Yassar replies with is on it? Also, do you have any idea whether the Uber code is unique to each attendee? I thought it was one code for all.
      Thank you both! We’ll get it straight.

    • I am not sure why you are not getting the attendee newsletters but if you give me the email where you want them sent and write me at carol@blogpaws.com I can send you them and make sure you have what you need. Elizabeth, the Uber code is good for each attendee.