How To Prepare for the BlogPaws Conference

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This course is for new bloggers and influencers who are attending the BlogPaws Conference for the first time. While this is geared towards new attendees, there’s a ton of actionable nuggets here for veteran attendees too. Elizabeth Keene and Maggie Marton will co-moderate and assist with anything needed on the newbies front.

Be sure to check back frequently as new content and discussions about the BlogPaws Conference will be posted.

Conference Links

BlogPaws Conference 2018

Conference Registration

Conference Agenda

2018 BlogPaws Conference Event Facebook Page (Breaking Conference News is posted here!)

As an attendee, you should also be receiving our attendee newsletter chocked full of information!

How To Use This Course

Each “lesson” below will provide you with helpful information to help you optimize your experience at the conference. Within each lesson you have the ability to add your comments, ask questions, and interact with other members. Click on each lesson to learn more.

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