BlogPaws Community Guidelines

(Applicable to all BlogPaws hosted, sponsored, or affiliated blog posts, group topics, and other content, as well as Pet Blogger Network reviews, marketing programs, etc.)

We embrace diversity, individuality, personality, opinions, and free expression in all blogs. We value thoughtful, well-written, informative, inspirational, and entertaining content.

BlogPaws declines to include blogs with unacceptable content in our Community or in the BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network. While we cannot hope to define “unacceptable content” in a way that will cover all situations, the listings here should be treated as minimum standards, treating as unacceptable any blog content or link that:

  • Is used to abuse, harass, stalk or threaten a person(s).
  • Is libelous, defamatory, knowingly false or misrepresents another person.
  • Infringes upon any intellectual property rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, trade secret or patent. (If you quote or excerpt someone’s content, it is your responsibility to provide proper attribution to the original author. For some guidance on proper attribution and fair use, please see The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Legal Guide for Bloggers at this URL:
  • Violates any obligation of confidentiality.
  • Violates the privacy, publicity, moral or any other right of any third party.
  • Contains editorial content that has been commissioned and paid for by a third party, and/or contains paid advertising links and/or spam. Every opinion expressed must be the true opinion of the author.

This community is for conversation, sharing and learning. We do not allow pitching product placement, programs, or other business focused content designed to engage the community members in a brand event. Announcements of events that are not marketing promotions are allowed. If you are unclear on whether your event or mention is allowed, please email for more information.

By uploading or posting written, visual, audio, or other content on any BlogPaws blog, form, or platform, you are representing that you own or have the right to publish it and you are granting BlogPaws a permanent, non-exclusive license to display, aggregate, syndicate, or use such content for any and all purposes.

This list is not a comprehensive list and may be revised at any time. BlogPaws’ co-founders and advisors will define and determine, at our sole discretion, what is “unacceptable content” on a case-by-case basis and our decisions are not confined by this list. We reserve the right to change these standards at any time without notice.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the PBN or other affiliate agreement, we reserve the right at any time to:

  • remove Advertising content from Affiliate’s blog,
  • remove any links to Affiliate’s blog, and
  • exclude Affiliate’s blog and/or content from any of the marketing program activities in Section I(A)(1)(b) of the agreement.

BlogPaws encourages civil debate. As an organization devoted to creating an opportunity for all pet bloggers and their friends to seek greater exposure, education, and community, we agree to agree and to disagree – strongly when appropriate – without crossing the boundaries into unacceptable content as described above.

BlogPaws reserves the right to terminate the PBN or other affiliate agreement without prior notice in the event that, in BlogPaws’ sole judgment, the Affiliate has violated these Editorial Standards. Affiliate shall not have any right to review or approve BlogPaws’ use of the blog, provided such use is in compliance with this agreement.